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Constitutional Law of the Netherlands

L.F.M. Besselink

Dutch Law in Action

F. Bruinsma

ECHR Case Files

The case files of the lawyer and of the intervener before the European Court of Human Rights

L.R. Glas

European Private International Law 2015-2017

K.R.S.D. Boele-WoelkiR.J. ter Rele  (red.)

European Regulation of Company Law 2017-2019

R. MellenberghG.T.M.J. Raaijmakers  (red.)

The Principles of European Contract Law and Dutch Law

A Commentary

D. BuschE.H. HondiusH.J. van KootenH.N. SchelhaasW.M. Schrama  (red.)

Towards a European Civil Code

A.S. HartkampM.W. HesselinkE.H. HondiusC. MakC.E. du Perron  (red.)